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Monday, April 21st, 2014

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how do I

Monday, April 14th, 2014

become good friends with Lupita Nyong’o so that, after a good amount of time of hanging out, drinking wine, talking about books and movies and art and stuff, she’s like, “OMG, LIZZ, you have to take home this big bag of stuff designers keep sending me because I can only be seen wearing it once, and I’m sure you have tons of places to wear it” ?


kissing on the internet

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014



Thursday, March 6th, 2014

magazine is changing editors. Leith Clark is moving on to “VIOLET,” and Sheila Single and Maya Kolqvist are coming on board. This news via Fashionista.

I love Lula magazine, case in point here and here.

I couldn’t find some of my favorite images from over the years: a shoot of Veronique Leroy dresses on Iekelina Stange, Kime Buzzelli’s drawings of Michelle Williams talking about tap dancing,  a girl on a couch wearing mustard tights with a huge collaged wall behind here, but I did find these:


totally into

Wednesday, February 12th, 2014


Jody Rogac

Friday, January 31st, 2014

I met Jody Rogac last week on the set of the movie I was working on.

She was shooting behind the scenes and taking portraits. Her work is calm but intense, striking yet casual, honest and beautiful, quiet but memorable. I really love it.

Here are some of my favorite shots of hers, and so many more are on her website.

(love love LOVE this picture of our mutual friend Nancy)

you can buy her recent book, In Between, at Alldayeveryday’s online shop.

just like a zit (or ACNE)

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014

sometimes things get under your skin, and you don’t notice it at first, but then it erupts, and it’s the only thing you can see on your face,even though everything else looks great.

Speaking of which: I read ACNE paper today. It has beautiful shoots and thought provoking articles and interviews I’ve been thinking about all day.

However, about 100 pages in, I realized I hadn’t seen a woman of color…and it kinda got under my skin.

The issue this time is about female actors (or actually, people who act as women)….and one would think that women of all kinds act as women of all kinds. In the approximately 300 pages, there wasn’t a single asian, black, indigenous, latina, or semitic woman pictured. There was a short article about an african-american actress who lived a parallel life to Marilyn Monroe….but that was it.

Ignoring the women who portray the majority of women in the world is gross.

Way grosser than a big nasty zit in the middle of your face.

When I heard

Wednesday, January 15th, 2014

a couple months ago that the Head Designer of COS was moving to the Gap: i was pretty psyched.

Anyone who reads this blog know that I love the Gap, or shall we say, the ideal idea of the Gap: a collection of simple pieces that become the building blocks you create a wardrobe around. Accessible, affordable pieces that you can keep and re-integrate each season.

COS is a pretty awesome simple and elegant line owned by H&M….it’s Jil Sander for everyone, or very tasteful Uniqlo. Honestly, it’s european dream Gap.

Rebekka Bay is the lady in question: and she’s awesome. Elle did a big article with her and you can read it here.


Sea Change

Monday, January 13th, 2014

I haven’t written in a bit for a couple reasons.

Mostly, I’ve been busy: I’m working a lot, stepping in with lines when they need fresh ideas and new ideas. I like the work and I like working a lot.

But, the real reason is that I’ve been….a bit bummed out maybe?

Lately I feel that some of the movements in design that I was excited, interested, and literally a producing part of, have become the same system of status that I’ve….been proud to not be a part of.

I went to a holiday sales event in LA that a couple of my extremely talented friends had a presence at. Their work is great. A lot of the work there was great. Their work is expensive, and has value: I know first-hand that making a small line and collection means that the product is expensive. There is value: and then, there is expensive.

A lot of the scene has become a checklist of status: get this ring, these shoes, this bag, this hat, yada yada: and now you look great: you look confident, you look like you aren’t playing the game: yet….you are playing the game: and you bought your way in. The same women who would perhaps mock a  Dior bag, marc jacobs bag, or rebecca minkoff bag, lined up in droves to buy a [fill in the blank] bag (and no, I’m not talking about a bag, really]: and we all look at our bag and their bags the same way the women eyeing their marc by marc or their neighbor’s marc by marc bag do.

The issue is not about money or the expensiveness of an object. It would be fantastic if everyone was ready to pay for quality of handmade and locally made objects. Quality, innovation, idea and product are worth a lot of money. A handmade piece where the money goes to the makers, and the item lasts for as long as it possibly can is priceless.

Buying status to me, however, has always seemed cheap.

That’s one part of my bum-out, the other part is about individuality from the point of the consumer, something I’ve always attributed to, loved about, and worn the flag of for small lines: it’s not about following a checklist to fit in.

The other issue is about individuality from the point of the producer. I understand these issues too. If everyone is doing indigo, soft leather, natural fabrics, moroccan rugs, and ceramics, and if you want to make a living: and you truly feel the pull of these themes: what do you do?

I’m feeling a little anti-everything right now. Going to this sales event made me want glass, plastic, tech, clean lines, hard fabrics (kidding, kidding, but also: not, not).

And yes, I know fashion pays for my entire life: and that status chasing is a part of what pays for fashion. Maybe I’m too idealistic. Or maybe this is what happens in your early 30s: movements seems to come from, and be for, you and your cohort. But maybe it’s always the same: everything is for sale: these items or ideas are just in your price range, your age range, etc.

Regardless: I’m feeling a bit ready for a sea-change.



Pascal Dangin

Friday, December 13th, 2013

in the NYTimes last week….great article about fashion’s changing needs, branding, and imagery.