its almost friday

does that mean that tomorrow, at a college somewhere in the US, is Chuck Bass Day?


after doing a couple perfunctory google searches, i found no such event. However,  quoth Eric Daman, the Gossip Girl costume designer….on dressing Chuck Bass:

“Bass goes beyond my personal style, I wish I had the money and youth to carry off his looks. It’s just un rêve (a dream) to dress a womanizing straight boy in such dandy apparel. I’ve read blogs from different colleges that actually have Chuck Bass Fridays. There is a whole movement behind him and his wardrobe which is sooo gratifying because, lets face it, men really should dress better. There is no one favourite look, I just try to keep him up to par each episode, which is no easy task.”


as a related side note: when chuck was sighing about the comments his father used to make to him, the “why do you have to wear so much purple,” issued in a sigh-whisper was probably the best line I’ve heard in a really, really long time.

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