total(e) to look cute: aeropostale edition

so, past readers will know that a new feature on the blog is the “total to look cute” posting.

Total to look cute is simply a tally of how much it costs to put together a somewhat acceptable outfit…from a store i (and probably you) would basically never shop at or think about.

Options for future¬† “total to look cute”s include talbots, chico’s, cp shades, joyce leslie’s and possibly a online goth retailers. Suggestions are welcome.

Last time we tallied an outfit from patagonia, and I actually kinda liked the result. This time I went for a bit of challenge with Aeropostale. I’ve heard the corporate environment of aeropostale is really pleasant and everything, but i’ve only been in one of their stores once. Its cheap abercrombie, right?¬† And, i thought, more fun to do for “total to look cute” than abercrombie.

here’s the look:


the outfit is a bit preppy: but i tried very hard to make lemonade. or preppyade, in this case.

There were no bottoms i felt were acceptable: hence the tiny tweeny bopper skirt over the boxers, and just like patagonia, i had to borrow heavily from the guys side of the store to complete the look. special challenge with this look: finding items that were not complete covered in branding.

I still think this outfit could work: but i also believe it you have enough layers, everything/anything looks good.

thoughts? suggestions for next time…?

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