kids on youtube

so i think we all have recently seen the little cutie capucine recounting her totally bizarre story for her mother, avec les phatoms et des giraffes et des hippos

and before that there was will ferrel’s friend’s daughter pretending to be his landlord,

and now we have david after the dentist.

capucine, the little story teller above, now has shirts designed, for sale: with all the proceeds going towards the charity Edu relief, and to children in Mongolia.

the shirts are cute (although not to wear, just to look at)


and the video she’s in to ask for your help is cute, too.

The only thing is she obviously has no idea what she’s doing…probably because she is four.

so i guess that’s where the issue is?

she’s doing good, so far her parents dont appear to be using her to make money (just to give it to a worthy cause).

but why do i feel so weird about this?

are we going to see david after dentist selling floss?

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