last night, we were invited to check out XBox’s new game system.


Above: “flash mob” at the Galen Center due to so many four-square-ers checking in.

The night started with a pretty epic and totally over the top presentation of the new system: now called Kinect.

I say over the top because there was a moving couch, a fake elephant,


a suspendended, moving living room and oh, yeah, Cirque de Soliel.


But: since this presentation is all a part of E3, I’m guessing most of the people there will be at presentations all week and Xbox wanted something over the top to stand out.

But, I kinda feel that Kinect stands out all by itself.

It uses no controllers, it recognizes your movements, and you physically move to play or interact.

After the crazy show we headed to Loft 7 for the party, and to get to play the game.

below: Xboxed out the building.



We’d already played an earlier version: but it was pretty much perfected this time. I played a couple of the games and it was honestly really awesome. The graphics are really cartoony, which i kinda prefer on the sillier driving and dodge ball games, and you can now play with a partner. The games responded really, really well.


above: the driving game.

It was the most fun I’ve ever had playing video games.

Because you physically move with your friends: you feel like you are actually doing something and having fun together. Also: a bunch of the games like the driving game and the dancing game and really fun to watch too.


Above: watching from above while a kid played the dancing game.

My flip cam broke at the party: and I wish I had better pictures….the games were actually projected, as people were playing, all over downtown.


Probably horrible if you were trying to sleep: but pretty awesome for those of us playing on a roof.

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  1. Free PS3 Says:

    Best post ever!

  2. Shantell Says:

    Kinect looks pretty cool but I think PS3′s Eye has better tech

  3. kinect for xbox 360 Says:

    I’ve to admit, I’ve been an enormous Venture Natal/Kinect sceptic ever since it was announced with that sham Milo walkthrough and an terrible lot of hyperbole. I have been attempting to maintain an open thoughts however the numerous rumours that have circulated about space, lighting and multiplayer points have been a cause for concern. The marketing decision that Microsoft took to place this within the fingers of mainstream journalists and celebrities reasonably than anyone who really has experience and expertise writing about gaming was extremely worrying.

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