sample sales, I quit you.

I went to the Planet Blue 75% off “VIP” sample sale last Friday night on Montana Ave in Brentwood. And it was complete chaos. There was way too much of last year’s reject clothes plus super long lines to get in and buy. I think I waited in line for an hour and a half.



So I quit “real world” sample sales. And if you feel the same way, don’t worry, there’s another way to save. Try out these sites to get notified on sales, samples, etc so you can avoid the in-person crowd, chaos, the risk of getting absolutely nothing, and thus wasting a ton of your valuable time.

Shop it to Me

choose your favorite brands and get emailed when items go on sale at shopbop, bloomingdales, yoox, free people, saks, etc.


everyday a couple sample sale items go on sale at a particular time. you get an email alert and if you’re interested you buy it.


they host sample sales for brands. like ideeli, the sales happens at a certain time slot and you get an email alert.

Lisa Kline, Net-a-porter, and some more do it too. So if your fav brand isn’t partnered with the above sites, go to the individual ecommerce store and see if they send out email alerts.

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