eve babitz on stage

Eve Babitz killed it, she knocked it out of the park, and she made it quite clear about 90% of the audience was there to see her and only her at her talk last week at the Hammer.

she regaled us with tales about her life and books: although I would’ve preferred to just hear her talk as opposed to the question and answer set up. Honestly, the writer who was also speaking that night drove me absolutely crazy: she seemed like an opportunist living vicariously through Eve and through the generation and people who her book was about.

before the show I met Mirandi Babitz, who’s been mentioned on the blog before here. Mirandi made the Sunset strips’ rocker’s clothing in the late sixties, and is Eve’s sister. More than a few of Eve’s stories involved Mirandi:)

these ladies, Lisa A. and Sally D. looked amazing.

the crowd seemed like most of them were there for a reunion of sorts, and it was seriously awesome seeing a bunch of 60-70 year of totally quirky, artsy awesome people.

we were starving on our way home so we got dorky and hit Barney’s Beanery, which was on the way home and which figured greatly into several of the night’s stories. Barney’s is now way more of a pre-TGIFridays now than an art hangout, we still had a great time and some okay food and were seated next to Ty Burrell from Modern Family.



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