what’s below bronze?

Since the location of the 2008 olympic games was announced fashion has been having an emperor-has-no-clothes flirtation with the event . I’ve heard it discussed in meetings, power-point presented by the head of the fashion office for a huge retailer, and disseminated in countless magazine spreads.

however, i think this trend has no legs (forgive the kinda pun).

i feel no desire to get sporty or to wear active gear: this is a trend in a vaccuum. there was a brief blip on the real fashion radar in winter of last year with some active fabric qualities, silver meshes, etc: but mostly this has been a trend talked about that no one wants to get behind.

which leads me to two points:

1. does anyone actually care about the olympics other than my mom and my boyfriend?

2. when the fashion industry randomly picks an event that has very little effect on society and culture as a whole and proclaims it a major fashion event: the resulting spreads, collections and looks lack any bite or relevance.

Exhibit A for point 2:

teen vogue: ping pong is about as cool as those yellow glasses


exhibit B for point 2:

china vogue: at least a little interesting…but actually not so much….


exhibit C for point 3:

american vogue: this is almost the worst: implying that women compete through fashion or grooming and men compete as athletes. or that models train hard too? ps. apollo whatsisface is a winter athlete, btw.


Exhibit D for point 2:

its not just vogue, bazaar had a pretty bizarre spread with Lucy Liu pretending to be an athlete in like the shopping olympics or something.


ps i found all the pics online: i was honestly too lazy to scan these myself:) no gold medal for me:)

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