world games

after watching the super atrocious opening ceremonies, I really enjoyed the parade of athletes with their specific, and at times, historical uniforms.

however, the default look appeared to be the same as the one that Ralph Lauren had made for the US (and yes, in China): a blazer preppy look.

Why can’t the US take a clue from Cameroon?

or Finland?

a little risk, a little recognition of tradtions (historical or cultural), a little reward?

Why can’t the US pick a designer who’s doing truly american design, in a way that acknowledges history and culture while also being truly contemporary/modern/of the moment?

My nominees for next time:

Band of Outsiders

or levi’s

seriously: how awesome would this be:

and who can resist the kismet of Opening Ceremony x Opening Ceremony.Their recent collab with Adidas looks good to go right now.

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  1. becky Says:

    You are so right on with Levi’s! That American flag jean jacket would have been great

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