wolves den

we went to Wolves Den to join our good friend Mia in celebration of her 30th birthday.




The food was really incredible. I’ll just leave it at that: every bite was fantastic: every dish was stand out, and the meal was so unique I could never even hope to have it again.

I don’t usually eat meat, but my problems with the meat industrial complex don’t really relate to this…and I’ll never turn down an experience (of this caliber), and I liked the idea of the Chef, Craig Thorton, being the expert in deciding what we would eat. ┬áThe dishes each had so many ingredients that when Thorton described the first dish, I was worried it would have too much going on…but each unsual combination worked in a delicate, nuanced way.

More info on their site about booking a private meal or joining a dinner, here. And more about Craig in the New Yorker, here.

One callout… my aesthetic palate is way more developed than my actual palate, so my experience was taken down a notch by lack of ambiance. It is cool that you are eating in the chef’s space, but you really do feel that you are eating in someone’s else living room that’s been pushed aside. I think good design (and good art) adds to any experience. That all having been said, the Chef might wonder how I can value what my living/dining area looks like over the aesthetics of the food: because if I were the only one in my house cooking we’d be having kale salad every night.


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