I’m super interested in tech + fashion overlaps…and imagining all the possibilities of fabrics, changes in production, changes in distribution, etc.  This is my industry and I’m excited about the future.

Something that friends and I have been kicking around ideas about for a while is something that other fields already do…total customization. And since the tech world really likes to solve problems, it was only a matter of time till we saw something like Piol.

While the site has some skin tone stereotyping, and other use-ability issues it needs to work out, it will be interesting to see the customer reaction. Personally, I wonder about why none of the silhouettes are really fashionable, why pants (a major fit area) aren’t being dealt with yet, about the qualities of the fabrics,  and the scale of the prints.

The main question, I guess, is if it’s worth it to people. On the site, it’s 575 for a poly shealth, 545 for a cotton one. And it takes 3-4 weeks. But it’s made domestically, and to your measurements.

You could go downtown, buy 2 yards of nice silk ($40), nice lining ($20) buy a designer sewing pattern ($18) and work with a tailor (50/hour). Assuming five hours to make your dress and even 2 hours of fittings, you are already saving over $100. Or you could buy a nice dress on sale and have it tailored. Those options take time, though….filling out the website took 5 minutes.

I think there’s a huge opportunity to work with local tailors in a tech way. Just like Airbnb (or that horrible serf-making app I read about in Fast company a couple years ago Task Rabbit,) tech can connect people who were previously unconnected. You could connect customers to tailors, have them upload their measurements, what they are looking to do, etc, connect those people to fabric sales people: you can help the environment, the local economy, help people look their best and save money, etc.

we’ll see…just imagine the future:)


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